Stationary in its most basic form is a functional form of printed materials that is used in day-to-day business. One of the primary benefits of branded stationary is that it’s the sole part of your brand that can be held in one’s hand. If designed and used strategically, it can have a large positive impact on the perception of your prospective clients. 

The stationary you produce needs to maintain a fine balance of being professional and impactful, while also allowing your actual message to be communicated. If your business has been operating within its market for several years, your date of establishment can be used in branding stationary to portray that it’s flourishing. 

One of the important factors behind creating branded stationary is driving action. This can be achieved through adding a call-to-action such as adding contact details to allow for two-way communication. The whitespace allotted for your employees to use the stationary needs to be considered. 

It should be noted that consistency is key when creating branded stationary for your business. The stationary needs to be consistent in feel and look to your website, social media, and all other branded elements. There needs to be coherency between all the marketing tools used. If your business is operating on a global scale, it can prove worthwhile to include acquired certifications as a primary differentiator within the market. 

The quality of the stationary also plays a significant role in creating bold stationary. Compromising quality or cheap stationary will not reflect well on your company. Investing in materials and design will produce a final product reflective of your brand and its attention to quality and detail. Branded stationary will also support your staff while networking and ignite awareness of the brand through its strong visual identity. High-end printing options will also be worth the cost to make stationary more memorable. Investing in your production process is worthwhile to make a positive first impression.  

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Naming Your Brand