Naming your brand will leave an ever-lasting impact on the business in its future operating within the market. An effective name is one that allows for successful branding of the business and stands out as different among competitors. One of the primary goals of your brand name is recognition. When people hear your brand name and instantly think of your core values, then this is indicative of successful branding. 

A good brand name is recommended to be simple and it’s a good idea for the name to give a clue to what your business does if possible. This acts as a branding element and provides a consistent reminder to individuals as to what your business does and its scope of operation. Your brand name could also be an acronym that is easily identifiable and memorable. A name can also be an invented name, which provides your business with a wide scope of options. Finally, your brand name can also be experiential, acting as a positioning statement for the business. 

A good brand name is one that is visionary and creative, and furthermore able to emotionally connect with your prospective clients. Keep in mind that when a client picks between a multitude of businesses within the market, they are choosing the name and the image they would like to be associated with. 

When naming your brand, it can prove worthwhile to consider the process of acquiring a domain name. It is substantially easier to acquire a domain name for a unique name made up of a combination of words than one that is simple actual words. A unique domain name will provide your business with a strategic edge online.

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