We provide a tailored story to each client exclusively by creating an unmatched quality of work that sets the definition of brand positioning.

We recognize and determine the problem existing within the brand in order to be able to create the appropriate action plan to tackle the issue at hand.


This is where we work to put a strategic plan through conducting the proper research and acquiring the insights. The plan’s main focus is to address the problems discovered in the previous phase.

03Visual Execution

This it the phase where the plan is executed through the design of all the brand’s aspects; from the visual identity to the architecture brief and packaging design. This is the part of the process where the problem is fixed and is waiting to be communicated to the audience.

04Verbal Execution

A crucial step that goes hand in hand with the visual execution, it starts with the naming strategy of the brand but goes way beyond that. This is where the brand’s persona is set; from its tone of voice to everything relating to its communication style with its clients.

✳︎Brand Management

or further maintenance of the brand that goes beyond the initial execution, managing services that consist of managing networking, applications and production are offered.


Real Estate / Automotive / Construction & Finishing / Retail / Hospitality / Creative / Education / Electronics / Engineering / Entertainment / Fashion / Pharmaceutical / Financial Services / Agriculture / Health Services / Media & Advertising / Publishing industry / Cultural / Film / Sport

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Legacy Team

Nour Nadim
[Co-founder & CEO]

Mohamed Samman
[Co-founder & Brand Director]

Yasmine Sawy
[Design Head]

Habiba Kelany
[Operation Manager]

[Content Director]

Nadine Fayed
[Brand Manager]

Yamen Pi
[Packaging Design Manager]

Mahmoud El-Gebaly
[Senior Brand Designer]

Mohamed Mohsen
[Senior Brand Designer]

Muhammad Abu Aly
[Senior Brand Designer]

David Morgan
[Junior Brand Designer]

Rouan Hisham
[Junior Brand Designer]